Web Lab_Google!!!


Google has come up with Web Lab which it calls as the magic of the internet. Currently, running in Beta, it gives the users an amazing experience of literally “sitting in one place and accessing another space”. It consists of 5 experiments:






These are set of 5 physical installations in the Science Museum in London. Each experiment illustrates a modern web technology found in Chrome to explore a particular theme in computer science. For example, the Universal Orchestra experiment uses WebSockets to demonstrate real time collaboration as people from around the world make music together on custom-built robotic instruments housed in the Science Museum.

The experiment shows up examples of real time collaboration which unlike previous web expereince where we request a page and wait till the server responds, but for applications such as video conference or online multiplayer gaming this is ineffective, so it uses instant 2 way communication technology between the computer and server to allow data to go back an forth instantaneously which provides harmony across different users.

Using these experiment u can view live orchestra from the museum or play online orchestra along with other users, teleport to other places in the globe and view it live or make the sketchbots to draw your portrait, to explore the world of tagged data and how it is present in each of your day to day clicks, and find the residence of images by tracing the route around the globe!!.

I truly couldn’t keep out the WOW! from my mouth, this is an awesome thought. Feel free to try it! it surely is amazing!



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