Google Nexus gets Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1


Google Nexus S which was launched on 2010 and being the first device to run Android Gingerbread will now be able to enjoy the latest version of Android, as Google promised that its smartphone will be supported by the next two versions of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich and now the Android Jelly Bean.

The upgrade to Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 will bring about a lot of new improvement including the support for the voice-assistant software “Google Now”, improved home-screen widget management, support for actions in the notificaton bar and an overall smoother and more responsive experience; says Google

The update size is about 114MB and can be downloaded from Google’s servers and will bring it up to the JRO03E version. Some of the main improvements will consist of  ‘Gesture Mode’ for blind users, improved browser support for animations and HTML5, camera and video improvements, text in one of 18 new input languages including Persian, Hindi and Thai. Additional Indic languages Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam will also be supported by the platform.


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