Worlds thinnest Display!!



If you are asked about watching film in Display models other than TV or Computer, what would u come up with?? Well whatever it is, you wouldn’t have thought of a soap bubble!

Yes, scientist have come up with the worlds thinnest display- the soap bubble that can display flat, textured as well as 3D images.

Soap bubbles have always been something fascinating be it an elderly or a child, its reflection, its transparency, the way it pops when touched, but none of us in our wildest imagination could have thought about of making it as a display source…

University of Tokyo researchers Yoichi Ochiai, Alexis Oyama and Keisuke Toyoshima are the people behind this unbelievable thought…

The soap bubble transmits the light entering it completely unaltered so to use it directly as a display is not possible, in order to make the surface reflective, scientist exposed the bubble to ultrasonic sound waves which was created with the help of speakers, so that these sound waves breaks the surface tension and provide a shift of transparency and color, thus using the sound shifts we can alter texture of images to make it look smooth or rough etc.

With this technology it becomes possible to change the reflection and transparency of a screen similar to how we perform it in images hence we can see the changes in the reflected images dynamically, moreover the membrane can pass wet objects through it without breaking the visual, for this purpose, a colloidal mix made up of sugar, glycerin, soap, surfactant, water, and milk was used.Several screens can be combine to provide a 3D effect.

With this we will be able to see images in a different dimension…



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