Technology is growing per second, each moment either something new is invented or an existing one gets modified. Now it takes me to tell you about the technology in the air, 5G.

Some of the features it might have:

  • Higher bandwidth
  • Greater coverage
  • Higher security
  • High resolution
  • Advanced billing interfaces
  • Remote diagnostics
  • High download and upload speeds
  • High end subscriber supervision tools
  • Enhanced global connectivity

With this you will be able to connect your phone to your laptop to access broadband, users will be able to connect to diferent networks at the same time, with 5G pushed over VOIP enabled devices people will experience a new level of call volume and data transmission.

The technology has already made a mark before its arrival, believed to arrive around 2020, it will certainly be revolution int the mobile industry. Still under research and in papers, we can only hold tight until we see what it might show us with…

Probably, we might have the world beneath our finger tips.



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