Google’s Fiber


Google is coming up with more and more news, the search giant’s new plan is to roll out a fiber network providing high speed internet and cable TV services.

The ultra high speed service was unveiled in Kansas City, Missouri , a few days ago. The company is promising a speed of about 1 G bps which is 100 times faster than the traditional cables as Fiber Optics are used which is much faster than DSL and cables.

The sevices will include:

  • 1 Gbps free broadband internet option – $70 per month + version including TV service – $120 per month
  • internet service will have a 1 terabit of Google Drive service; TV service will include 1 Terabit DVR recorder service in addition
  • television options also includes a Nexus 7 tablet that will act as a remote control for the system
  • television service will also stream live program content on iPad and Android tablet computers

There’s no construction or installation fee. The DVR can record up to 8 live television shows simultaneously.

With this uploads and downloads of high volume data, movies and songs will hardly take minutes. Google’s Network Box, which will be provided, will serve as a hub and require special installation. The box is also a Wi-Fi router and has four Ethernet ports.

As it sounds amazing, the availability is currently limited to users only around Kansas and it is still an ongoing project, but the fact that it is going to shake up the internet doesn’t have any doubts.

Neighborhoods that receive the service will be selected through demand from Kansas City area residents and Google has set up a website to pre-register for the service.  The area is divided in to ‘fiberhoods’ where the residents and users will have to register for the service and the service is rolled out only when the household that registers goes above a certain threshold. Currently, the company haven’t discussed of extending it beyond Kansas.


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