Google’s Street view collection!


Google was caught “accidentaly” (as was said) capturing personal data by scanning airwaves to identify WiFi hot spots 2 years ago while it was saying to be taking photographs of towns and cities for its Street View service, Google had then promised to delete all such data(which included log in credentials, email messages, instant messages, information on online dating etc) at November 2010.

But when the UK Commissioner’s Office decided to re-open its investigation, it was found that the data still persist, and Google says it as an “error”. It seems the problem caused was not known to Google and only the engineer who wrote the software knew about it, it seems he has deliberately  done it and also had said about it to two other Google employees.

However, it is a serious offense and also sad that it happened in Google, a growing power and which people trusted. Hope they delete the data soon enough!


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