Apple v/s Samsung


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The fight continues…….

Apple’s new claim against its bitter rival is that, Samsung has copied on Apple’s iPhone and iPad… , really??, have you ever thought so? Well but that’s our news…

Samsung and Apple products are really a symbol of pride, their luxurious designs always stood out. And the claim about if Samsung had copied Apple, the court is deciding…

Apple’s lawyers argued that Samsung infringed the iPhone’s touch screen characteristics. Attorneys said that Samsung faced two options after Steve Jobs introduces iPhone – Innovate or copy.

Samsung chose to copy, making its smartphones and computer tablets illegal knockoffs of Apple’s popular products, attorney Harold McElhinny claimed.

Meanwhile, Samsung counter claimed that Apple copied its iPhone from Sony and many of Samsung’s own innovation where copied by Apple.

An internal Samsung document was produced as witness by the Apple attorney, which was dated around the time when Samsung was developing its Galaxy.

The conflict is going on, with arguments and denials and counter-arguments. One thing they must note is that, whatever they come up with, the people will be deciding whether to accept or not!



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