Developers to spend more to get noticed at Apple’s App Store


Its sad news for developers, to get yourself noticed at Apple’s App Store has become expensive, while application downloads hasn’t increased much as per reports of Fiksu, a digital marketing company.

According to the post in’s Tech blog, Developers who actively market their apps on the world’s largest mobile-software marketplace spent about $1.44 to attract each loyal user in June, an increase of 13 percent from a year earlier, Fiksu said in a report today. A loyal user opens an app three or more times, according to Fiksu.

The 200 most popular free iPhone apps were downloaded 4.63 million times per day, on average, last month, an increase of 2.7 percent from June of last year, Fiksu said.Apple has paid $5 billion to developers selling their wares in the App Store and more than 30 billion apps have been downloaded since the digital store’s opening in 2008, Tim Cook, the company’s chief executive officer, said at a conference last month.

But I don’t think they have to complain, App Store is really a hot place to sell your app, and if it is good enough, you will earn good as well. Application developer’s around the world are facing tough competitions each day, and the user’s get to download something new per day. It is a never-ending quest.

Each moment a new app is born, and as long as smart phone trends won’t be out(never!) app developers have a great source of income.

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