Facebook’s “Mail a Postcard”



Recent reports are that Facebook is coming up with a new feature called the “Mail a Postcard” , where users will be able to send postcards, which was once very popular to greet your loved ones, after the hike in the internet activities and social websites, the feature is disappearing but now Facebook is trying to bring back that nostalgia. The project is currently under test and is available only to a few test users. Those users in the test list will be seeing a new button “Mail a Postcard” in the photos they view and on clicking it the photo will turn into a postcard and the user will be prompted to enter the receivers address and a personalized message. The new feature is similar to our traditional postcards with a picture in the front and a message in the back.

It will be a paid service and the project is powered by Sincerely, the parent company of Postagram, the price is expected to be close to the $0.99 Postagram currently charges.



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