RubberBand – mobile app to keep track of children



When taking children out for tour, it’s always a headache for teachers to keep them back from wandering away from the rest of the class, most of the time many get lost and end up in disaster, parents are also frightened about sending their child away on school trips, but now an app has come up to give u some relief that can keep track of children, where they are and who they are.The app alerts teachers when a student is wandering away from the flock, which could help prevent anyone from getting lost.

The new app – RubberBand, uses a sensor attached to each child’s knapsack that broadcasts a radio signal to all the other kids’ sensors once every second; The signals are then collected by a smart phone running software that measures the signal strength between every pair of children in the group to determine their locations as compared to each other, as reported in The Times Of India.

When a child wanders away a sound alerts the teacher and also shows the picture of the students. This way they can be found out before they go beyond sight.

As interesting as it may sound, I wonder what if the kid leaves his backpack behind and wander away?



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