Android game may help end South Korea-Japan dispute !!!


As reported in Times Of India an Android developer has come up with a solution to end the issue of Japan’s island dispute with Seoul.

In the free game, Takeshima Struggle, players race a cartoon rabbit from either Japan or South Korea to an island representing the disputed territory to claim it.

Users can choose rabbits from either nation and can see a tally of how many Japanese and South Korean bunnies have made it to the island.

As reported in the Times of India, the game’s name comes from the Japanese name for the islands, which are known as the Dokdo in South Korea and the Liancourt Rocks to countries not part of the dispute.

The makers believe that the swimming bunnies will bring an end to the dispute which started since the end of World War II.

“Let’s stop the struggle over Takeshima. Everyone would be much happier if, rather than having sovereignty over Takeshima, Japan and South Korea became friends,” the maker of the game implores in an online explanation.

The application can also be linked to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, the report said.

Lets wait to see if the Android game will be the solution to the age-old dispute, and will bring about peace and prosperity. Every development may have a story behind it, and if it is for a cause.. the satisfaction will be double, and if your development will bring about the expected change it will be a lifetime achievement.


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