Control the TV with your eye!!


img credit : link

With the development in technology we have been searching to find ways to do our jobs by just sitting idle, nowadays we are succeeding in becoming the idle mode while we hardly put our devices to rest.

Adding to our list comes a new television, which will change channels by the blink of an eye, as if pressing the remote was a time consuming job. Well what to say, it’s a new technology guys and lets see more about it.

Engineers have developed a TV which can monitor your eyes and change the channel if you give it the nod.

It was reported by Daily Mail that, The Eye Control Television comes with a bulky device that you place in front of your TV, and with a determined blink of your eyes you can change channels, change the volume, or power your television off.

The device is said to use the Kinect-style sensor , and your normal blinks will not interrupt your scheduled viewing, the Chinese manufacturer claims.

Similar to the touch phones and person sensing devices such as some laptops, the technology requires calibration in the first use, which involves chasing a circle around the screen with your eyes.

After that, long blinks activate the sensor, bringing up an on-screen display. Looking downwards brings up the volume controls, which you can then adjust by looking at the plus and minus signs The equipment was tested at the IFA technology conference in Berlin this week as reported in Times Of India


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