Malware targets Android!!!

Today all over the world, Android is the celebrity. Once when smart phones where something which could play video’s, connect to WiFi etc nowadays, hey my phone runs on android seems to show off and others are nothing (by the way I hope now Apple and Samsung won’t start another war over this) .

It seems the Android devices now being the star of the time has a little to worry about, the increased popularity has lead to it being the target to malware recently.

According to a new report by McAfee, titled “Threats Report: Second Quarter 2012 report,” mobile malware increased 700 percent in the last one year, mostly targeting Android followed by Symbian.

Software security provider McAfee has said spread of malware was the fastest in the last four years and there were 1.5 million more of such malicious software in the April-June quarter of this year.

The report added while personal computers continue to be under attack, malware writers are now transferring their skills to other popular consumer and business platforms, such as Google’s Android OS as stated in Times Of India.

The new target is going to have a huge spread as nowadays, everything is turning towards Android as it is some trend. Google’s OS has shown a dramatic increase in market share over the past year, surpassing iOS, Nokia’s Symbian, RIM’s BlackBerry, and other mobile platforms.

“Over the last quarter we have seen prime examples of malware that impacted consumers, businesses, and critical infrastructure facilities,” Vincent Weafer, senior vice president of McAfee Labs, said in a statement. “Attacks that we’ve traditionally seen on PCs are now marking their way to other devices.”

As reported in the International Business Times, “During the past few quarters we’ve seen that the Android OS is the most popular target for writers of mobile malware,” McAfee said. “This quarter was no different; practically all new mobile malware was directed at the Android platform. The mix included SMS-sending malware, mobile botnets, spyware, and destructive Trojans.”

“Damage can range from loss of photos and personal files for home users to data encryption and demands for money for large enterprises. Ransomware is especially problematic as it can hold computers and data hostage, instantly damaging machines,” McAfee reported

Thumb drive and password-stealing malware showed significant growth in the second quarter.

“Password-stealing malware, at nearly 1.6 million new samples, collects account names and passwords, so an attacker can pose as the victim,” it added.

The malware may spread via malicious websites (An average of 2.7 million malicious URLs were detected each month, pointing to approximately 300,000 bad domains), infected USB’s( as AutoRun files), mobile drive-by downloads ( It drops malware on users’ phone when they visit a site) “A victim still needs to install the downloaded malware, but when an attacker names the file Android System Update 4.0.apk, most suspicions vanish,” said McAfee.

Its like we have to play with it hoping nothing bad is going to happen, but as usual be careful of your downloads and perform routine security checks, lets do our part and hope for good.


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