New Malware detected by Microsoft in China!!!


A customer in Shenzhen, China, took a brand new laptop out of its box and booted it up for the first time. As the computer powered up the device began to take life of its own. The machine, triggered by a virus hidden in its hard drive, began searching across the internet for another computer.

The brand new, super fast, direct from the factory condition laptop suddenly became part of an illegal global network capable of attacking websites, looting bank accounts and stealing personal data.

Till now most malware were reported to have come from using unknown links, websites, emails, or secondary memory etc and users were warned about clicking on links until they were trusted. With the latest news, it seems malicious code could be lurking on computers before the bubble wrap even comes off. What measure should we now take against this, I don’t think there is anything the users can do.

As reported in Times Of India, The shopper in this case was part of a team of Microsoft researchers in China investigating the sale of counterfeit software. They suddenly had been introduced to a malware called Nitol. The incident was revealed in court documents unsealed Thursday in a federal court in Virginia. The records describe a new front in a legal campaign against cyber crime being waged by the maker of the Windows operating system, which is the biggest target for viruses.

The documents are part of a computer fraud lawsuit filed by Microsoft against a web domain registered to a Chinese businessman named Peng Yong. The company says it is a major hub for illicit Internet activity. The domain is home base for Nitol and more than 500 other types of malware, making it the largest single repository of infected software that Microsoft officials have ever encountered.

“They’re really changing the ways they try to attack you,” said Richard Boscovich, a former federal prosecutor and a senior attorney in Microsoft’s digital crimes unit.

This is a proof of how vulnerable the users have become, in order to gain profits less reputable computer manufacturers and retailers may use counterfeit copies of popular software products to build machines more cheaply.

Windows being used by most people connected to the internet it has become the main source for the malware spread. Microsoft must take serious measures to control this spread to keep their reputation. Victims of malware are likely to believe their problems stem from Windows instead of a virus they are unaware of, and that damages the company’s brand and reputation.


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