Innovative idea to charge your cellphone!!!


A social worker from Chicago has created a purse that can charge a cellphone. Liz Salcedo had to come up with a new idea as her cellphone began draining out of power by 2 pm on most days. So, her husband decided to help her and bought her a number of third-party mobile chargers and together they created a system to charge her phone in her purse, so that she didn’t have to look for AC outlets wherever she went.

“We made modifications to it and it worked fairly well,” ABC News quoted Salcedo, as saying.

“Friends started wanting me to make one for them,” she said.

So she did. Together with her husband and now-business-partner, Dan, she created Everpurse, a bag that has a built-in battery charger.

The bag, which is supposed to fit inside a larger purse or laptop bag, has a built-in charging pocket people can drop their phone in the bag and it “automatically connects to the charger via gravity”

A battery in the bag charges the phone, and a wireless pad charges the battery in the bag. The bag uses Qi wireless charging standard, which is the same technology in Nokia’s new Lumia 820 and 920.

The wireless charging technology which is being used here is being developed in many areas which is going to get more portable in the coming years. The wires getting all knotted and lying around and the problem of finding a charging outlet is going to soon become a memory.



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