Google Play adds India to its paid app community!!!


We had posted earlier about the limit Google Play had put on the number of countries which can post paid apps and one such company was India where there is a pool of Android developers who unfortunately could only post free apps when even the comparatively smaller apps were making huge profits in other parts of the world.This severely affected business models of developers as there was no incentive to put out innovative apps.

Now, Google Play has added India as one of the countries from where developers can publish paid apps.

With the new addition, Google might get a huge pool of developers in the country on to their Android market and also it is a great relief to the app development community which is increasing in number per day.

With the current market value of Android devices and apps, and also the huge impact of it in a country like India, the new decision by Google is welcomed warmly all over.

Many big and small companies are at last taking a sigh of relief and are pedalling faster in the competition to make there smart apps even smarter.


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