Major Companies Tracking candidate background on social networks!!



It was reported earlier that many major companies have been using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, search engines and criminal records to learn the truth about job seekers. Well, it still continues…

As reported in Times Of India,

A survey conducted by Australia-based software firm Nuage Software showed over half of human resource managers surveyed ran a Google search on candidates, 74 per cent checked LinkedIn, 23 per cent Facebook and three per cent Twitter

According to tech firm Nuage’s managing director David Wilson, some employers are asking to view Facebook and Twitter profiles at interviews in order to avoid privacy concerns, Perth Now reports.

“The Internet has a very long memory. An ill-advised or impulsive post can be rapidly replicated across many sites and be impossible to take back,” the report quoted Wilson, as saying

“People really do enjoy the freedom of expression on social media, but it is worth considering the cumulative effect of their postings,” he added.

Hence, to all my job-seeker friends and currently placed and employed, try being careful before posting anything or should I say,

Think twice before you post once

Though I think its a little too much over our freedom of posts, yet getting a job is probably more than that, so, its better we have a clean history over the Internet.



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