Tips for a stronger password!!


Since the computer and the Internet began taking hold of every aspect of our lives, another problem is also gaining attention, the security and privacy features of the devices and the web.

Each month we are witnessing new viruses, hackers, thefts and obviously along with it new anti-virus programmes with more features and brilliance. But, what is more funny is that, howsoever you make your security features more intelligent, the hacker community around you is getting more intelligent. It seems like they are waiting for a new protection to come up so as to break it.

Anyways, I’m going to discuss with you some password protection mechanisms. Not that these methods are going to leave you out from being attached, but maybe we can make things a little time-consuming for them.

After reading many articles, reports and mechanisms I thought it is worth sharing some of it with you. Maybe there is nothing you haven’t heard about but, what if there is something new too? so, keep reading…

Let us start with the most basic mistake. Many of us have the habit of making a common password to all our accounts. This might someday lead you to a disaster i.e. when any of your account gets compromised, all others will be at risk. So, its better you use strong, unique passwords for each service.

A study by BitDefender showed that 75% of people use their email passwords for their Facebook account as well, and if you continue to use the same for your banking services as well, someday you might get hacked and lead it to your savings which may vanish off before you even realize it.

Lets share a funny yet appropriate saying with you…

Have you heard about the saying that Passwords are like underwear” ?

Lets discuss the reason why it is said so?

  • you shouldn’t leave them lying around (there are some people who write down there passwords or save them as sticky notes)
  • you should change them often
  • the longer they are the better
  • be mysterious (:) hope you know what that meant)
  • don’t share them with others

Do’s and Dont’s in password creations

  1. Make sure the length exceeds at least 7 or 8 characters. Avoid names, birth-dates, anniversaries, phone numbers, or any other terms that is easily related to you. Also, avoid words from dictionary.
  2. Its better to have a password which is a mixture of upper and lower-case alphabets, numerals as well as special characters.
  3. Combine totally unrelated words to make up your password, eg. combine “Pencil” with “Rocket” .
    To make it more complex, separate the words with numbers in between such as “Pencil36Rocket”.
    And, to make it different for each account you may add or remove certain characters, numerals, or special characters. Say, for your yahoo account you can modify it as “YPencil36Rocket” and for Gmail, you can change it to “GPencil36Rocket”. You can also increase the complexity by replacing the letter’s such as O with numeral 0 to make it “YPencil36R0cket”.
  4. Do not use numbers and letters in common sequence such as “passwordxyz1234”.

If you don’t want to get too involved with the password making you can easily take the help of some password generator sites or softwares.

After taking such a hard effort to create a password with less common characteristics, there are some people who just blows off all their hard-work by clicking the Yes button when the browser asks to remember the login details, please never leave your browser remember it, better find a way to have it in your memory though it might be difficult.

Now, after all these tips I would like to give a statutory warning to all my readers,

“We will not hold responsibility for your account getting hacked even if you have taken all the above measures. All these might only make the hacking a little time consuming. It is the internet and it will be the way it is”.

Have a good day…


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