Missing children information added to 404 error pages!!

I’m sure all of us have encountered a 404 error page at-least once in our browsing history. The 404 error pages we have seen so far were empty pages with the error displayed within it usually when people reach deleted web pages.

The BBC tech news reported a new idea initiated by the Europeans i.e putting pictures and biographical details of missing children on the 404 error pages.

Hosting firms, ISPs and media companies have signed up to put the information on what would otherwise be empty pages, the BBC reports.

Anyone who runs a website is being encouraged to be a part of the initiative i.e. to raise profiles of missing children.

The NotFound project has been created by Missing Children Europe, Child Focus, the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children and several other European organisations.

Inspite of standard ways of setting up the 404 pages most websites are customizing it to redirect their users to either a new page etc. To be part of the project, site administrators must run a snippet of code to those customized pages so that they display data about missing children along with it.

As per reports, 480 sites have signed up for this initiative so far. This initiative is a real helping hand to many and also adds value to our once empty 404 error pages.


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