tethering android….nice!

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Tethering is a smooth way to manage your internet connection where your phone acts as a modem and  helps you to connect with different devices via internet.  You can do this in a number of ways. For example, use your phone as a modem or wireless router, sharing data via Bluetooth or connecting your computer and laptop via USB.  Wireless tethering is much more comfortable that Bluetooth tethering as the phone needs to be paired perfectly with the computer. Well, a more feasible way is tethering Android which would give a much better experience altogether.

Role of a service provider in Tethering :

Tethering is a service which is offered by service providers so some may or may not give this service. Though the service providers may not give you this service, there are still many ways of Tethering Android . It is much more capable and easy to accomplish…

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