how we once were? how we are now? how will we be later?

Charles Darwin’s evolution theory had been a revolution, men were evolved from apes… but whatever ideas you have about that, I’m not going to write about it, the evolution I’m about to discuss here is the evolution in technology.

When we are about to say about something that had started long back, we must in fact start from the long back….

Once there was a time when people feared to travel far away, fearing they would fall off the edge of the world, the time when earth wasn’t known to be round, when parts of our own world was undiscovered. From that point of our knowledge base, we have evolved to what at those was not even possible to think about!

From then our curiosity has unraveled the secrets beyond our thoughts and vision: the discovery of atom,the basic unit of matter; the molecule of life, the DNA; the intelligent machine which has become the part and present of our life, the computer.

Once when the world was trying to discover the hidden secrets, now they are trying to invent new secrets… So far we have been able to find new methods and techniques in many fields such as medical and engineering and in a way we can say that we are trying to change the world to our needs. We have succeeded to manipulate and build nature in our own ways( eg: we have been able to rebuild the DNA constituents and develop new traits or delete unwanted traits, create new breeds etc).

Today we can see the presence of robots and machines surrounding us… Intelligence is growing into new dimensions that the heavy weight, huge looking machines that were our 1st generation computers and costing a fortune is replaced today by tiny devices with far greater processing speed and less cost.

Today ubiquitous computing is making up our world, wherever we go, whatever objects we find, computer is everywhere, connected and embedded…

Sometime in the future we might wear computer, sit on computers, sleep on computers and maybe eat them as in computerized tablets… Future might show us standing beside robots who will be serving us as per our commands…”Sir, may I help you??”; “Command received, sit back and relax till processing is complete! “

The existence of computers will be known only in the case when you can see them with your eyes… But most of us don’t know the existence of computers hidden and camouflaged in our devices. The integration of computer and the Internet is going to make our world wide web even wider… The Google glasses which integrates virtual world with the real world is only a beginning, devices like it will soon be our day to day objects when the objects will all soon be computerized and connected to the Internet, they will monitor us and guide us in every walk of our life.

The clothes and accessories might soon turn into our personal assistants who will monitor our health, provide us emergency help, and keep us connected with the world anytime and anywhere. As seen in certain tech films your glasses might identify the people around you, download their profile, be your travel guide etc…

As posted earlier about the Second Life, our real and virtual worlds have begun to integrate, what were once a difficult to travel distance is now becoming just a matter of pressing a switch and booting, people are able to interact with other people virtually and in real time. Soon for an Australian to sit between the audience and watch a football match in Russia will be as simple as the blink of an eye, his virtual world avatar will exactly mimic his muscle movements and he will be able to watch it and feel it at real time while sitting back in his couch!. These avatars have no constraints as in real world.

Robots are getting developed in different parts of the world that can aid to explore the unexplored, that can help us in the military, medical and even our homes.

Asimo is a robot that was developed in Japan

The future is going come up with new robots with greater intelligence and skills, lets hope that their relationship with us is going to go in harmony..
A fact is that when we are trying to develop machines to become more human like, we are embedding ourself with machines. Today many deformities (eg: pacemaker’s and in case of the world famous Stephen Hawking is completely depended on machines for his voice) are overcome by integrating machines into the patient body.

Though technology evolution is a wonder, I fear that humans might get too dependent on it that they might even lose their normal abilities to walk and talk and interact. Hope we will remember the consequences in doing so!


3 responses to “how we once were? how we are now? how will we be later?

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  2. yh surely technology advancements is beyond even d wildest imagnatn, i waitng to live a sci-fi life…maybe our natural ability to walk,talk nd love wil be dead by then

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