Microsoft’s gesture sensor bracelet!!


A bracelet sensor that can track the movements of the hand in which it is worn at real time has been built by microsoft.

Named as Digits, the prototype allows the wearer to control a range of equipments using hand gesturesas well as play games etc.

It was exhibited at a conference on user-interface technology in Massachusetts. It uses off-shelf components and looks bulky though it is still a prototype, wearing it always might be an overhead!

The technology – source :: BBC news

Digits uses a camera-based sensor that detects infrared (IR) light coupled with software that interprets the data produced to construct a model of a “fully articulated hand skeleton”. This is then used to interpret what the user’s hand is doing.

The equipment involves a IR laser beam which sends out a thin line across the user’s hand to measure the distance to their fingers and thumbs to determine to what degree they are bent upwards.

The device uses two types of infrared light to work out what shape the hand is making

In addition a ring of IR light emitting diodes (LEDs) are used to illuminate the hand and determine the position of the user’s fingertips.

IR light is used because it is invisible to the human eye and so not a distraction.



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