A lazy today!!

Today was the day when i added the post a day badge from the daily post and unfortunately today i began to show symptoms of laziness.. gosh!

Each time i sign into the blog to complete my todays post and I end up in my reader reading all the wonderful posts there. Today I might have liked and commented a lot of posts… But yet my mood doesn’t get any better to write any tech articles or news! So, finally I thought of writing about my todays mood…\

Well don’t worry Im just not gonna bore you further with the story of my mood. A little better, I thought of sharing a video with you. Its a sci-fi concept featuring the world in 2023.

Plurality…Directed by: Dennis Liu
Written by: Ryan Condal
Produced by: Jonathan Hsu, Dennis Liu
Cinematography by: Jon Chen
Music by: Pakk Hui
Starring: Jeff Nissani, Samantha Strelitz, John Di Domenico



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