Hey Guys…

So, today I opened my blog to check out the entries for my Daily Post Challenge and found only 1, slightly

disappointing but determined to move with it, I opened my notifications tab and gasped to find a post from my friend Nicole

“I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award.”

I was like…”what???”

Then I got the picture, honestly Nicole I took almost 10 minutes to understand the whole thing.. proof: check the comment beneath your “Those Zany Blog Awards”

Hah, well guys extremely happy to having been nominated, this is my first nomination, as you can see there is none in my homepage .:D

Thanx Nicole.

The rules of the award is that you should answer 11 question posed to by your nominator and then you should select 5-11 blogs as nominees and then pose another 11 question. And they shall follow the same procedure, similar to passing the torch in Olympics.

Im gona first answer the questions I got:

1. This or that? “This” ofcorce, because “this” will be those which will be near me, and “that” would be a little away from reach, I will first grab that is near..

2. Here or there? “There”, I almost have this feeling that when Im at one place I would like to go to the other and when I go to the other I like to come back, So you know it is always the opposite.

3. Do you have a favorite novel, and if so, what is it?”Twilight”, I just love getting too romantic, since its hard to go to that extend in real life,I just take myself to be one character and enjoy it 😉

4. Silver or Gold?”Gold”, the only thing whose price has been steadily going up in my country and never came down, I dont like to wear it,but I like to have the value it have.

5. What is the square root of 49? Oh come on!… Maths??? seriously??? Let me guess (taking calculator: typing in: then acting as if thinking) 7*7=49 ryt so it shall be 7 see….

6. Would you ever consider dumping WordPress in favor of Blogger? This is my *controversial* question. Oh, dumping wordpress?? hmm!! nope! i would certainly not,if it wasn’t for WP I wouldn’t have got u bloggers… So, priority is for WP…

7. When did you first realize you wanted to write? When my teacher shouted at me for not doing my homework

8. Why do you blog?To write my mind out, specially because the audience back home doesnt seem to tolerate(greatly thankful for my reader’s patience) and to know all those things their in all others thoughts..(thanx to me too isn’t it?)

9. What is one thing you’ve always told yourself you would do, but still have not done? Stop all the bads in me and turn good

10. How many chucks would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? the amount of wood a woodchuck might chuck if it chucked wood will be 2*10 raised to 8 wood chunks. (cant deny that till they start to wood chucking…)

11. What is the meaning of it all? plain torture!

Now , it my turn to light the torch

1.What part of blogging brings you happiness?

2. What kind of people do you hate the most?

3. If tomorrow you are made the President of your country for 1 day, what will you do 1st?

4.Who is your favorite cartoon character and why?

5. If some wizard or witch appears and request you to ask 3 wishes, what will they be?

6. What do you have to say about child labour recently reported in China.

7. What scares you the most?

8. Blog writing to you means?

9. Which place do you badly wish to visit?

10. Your role model? Give Reason!

11. Why did you choose to open your account at WordPress?

wooohooooo thats done

and now my nominations for the award

Yep that makes 6, each of you can nominate between 5-11



what you should do

now you should give a reference to the one who nominated you (in my case it was Nicole), answer the question i asked, and also should create another set of 11 questions and nominate 5-11 bloggers who will be repeating this procedure.

wow, that was fun!


3 responses to “Oh my God! I GOT NOMINATED!!!

  1. You are welcome! Sorry, I’m behind reading my comments this week and am just now seeing your questions on how to accept. It appears you figured it out though.

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