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So to all our readers…hiiiiiiiiiii!

How many of you like to travel? 1,2,…. ah most of you right? Well how many of you have heard of the “God’s own country” as is called… can some traveler just name the place described so?

Okay, take your map and locate India,now move your finger right to the bottom of the Indian peninsula, what do you see? Right, that’s Kerala. That’s the one we are talking about here.


The language is Malayalam, and wouldn’t the place get more better if you know the local language there?

I guess I’ve gone too far by beating around the bush, let’s get you to the point. We have developed an app for those who would like to learn some Malayalam. It’s an Android app, well, nowadays everything is!

This app will teach you from the basics of the language and, is named Hari Sree (the 1st two alphabets of the language similar to A and B being the 1st two in English). The app is both educational and entertaining. The best way to impart knowledge is to make it more interesting isn’t it?

About Hari Sree

Released on : October 24, 2012



The app has 2 modes

  • Trainer

In this mode the user can test their skill with the aid of a helper . The user can make use of the helper in which the app will show how to write the letter correctly . The user can skip over alphabets in this mode.

  • Skill Tester

The users can challenge their skill in this mode. 60 seconds will be given to the user and alphabets will be shown at random. After the time expires they can submit the score online.

The leaderboard shows the top ten scores.

The app is available for download at Google Play. To download the app click here!

From God’s own country!

Image                 ImageImage


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