Facebook’s new couple page : YOU AND ——– !

Facebook maybe the “most knowing about you” site. As said earlier people doesn’t seem to understand the fact that it is only a “social network“. Users are taking the network for granted as if it is some high security safe which is having heavy locks and kept inside the infrared ray and whatever is going to be stolen from there is going to ring some alarm! 😀 and if they don’t put each moment of their life in there, they are going to be looked down upon.

Well, I say “wake up, it’s the internet, it is good as well as bad, so just take care of what you do!”

Okay, coming back to our topic… Facebook, has launched something new. A new page for the couples : Facebook.com/us. If you are in a relationship, you might want to check that link.

Lets see what that link is about?

The digital version of the relationship between you and the other person including posts, photos, events that are shared between the couple will be showcased in this new page. Some, might take it as a cute album to look down the memory they spend together while for others its just a cross of the limit.

The joint page can be edited like your own page and you can decide on what you want to see and what not. Yet, the new innovation just seems to be crossing the lines.

User responses as reported by CNN

“I want to vomit,” wrote blogger Jennifer Wright.

Emma Barnett, women’s editor at The Telegraphwrote that she may break up with her husband on Facebook just to get rid of the newly created couple’s page.

“Mr. Zuckerberg: by all means keep giving people new tools — as you did when you created Facebook,” she wrote, referring to Facebook’s co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg. “But when you start doing things for us — the experience is anything but social or remotely positive. You have infantilised my relationship for me with the creation of http://www.facebook.com/us. Only I should get to do that.”

The Facebook friendship pages, well it’s not new, it was launched in 2010, shows the posts and other stuff which you and your friend have in common is also a similar one, but I think the new one is beyond tolerable limits and also with a special URL for itself. If you haven’t seen a friendship page, go to your friend’s page; click the gear icon at the top of your friend’s Timeline, and select “See Friendship.”

Ooooops, I forgot something, some of you might have clicked Facebook.com/us and landed on your own page, don’t worry just get yourself into a relationship and Voila! you got one… 😀

image courtesy : CNN


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