Bloggie’s Award Winner : Mid November 5’s!!!

Today is the 15th of this month, and now its time to the next set of Bloggies. Don’t  you remember our Bloggie’s award. To those who havent heard, it is a badge of appreciation to 5 beautiful blogs of the month. It is given by the mid of each month, where we select 5 bloggers and showcase them here. After giving away the award I also request you readers to also start nominating blogs which you think is special in any and also give why you picked them…

The nominations are opened from today on for the next month awards…

Now to the lucky 5 of this month, after going through a hectic browse to wherever I could I selected 5 blogs  which I felt has a different thought

And they are:

As the name says the blog just makes you a lot happier. Reading through the posts I have felt that I had gone through such emotions sometime in my life.

The post The invisible world was my personal favorite, it says about certain times when you get an inner voice guiding you or asking you to do something or making you feel somethings gone wrong somewhere even if you are surrounded by happiness.

This blog makes you notice about how unnoticed are you about yourself and your surroundings, we take everything as our day-to-day happenings but if you analyze each activity you will find the beauty within. Checkout this blog and just love your life and hats off to Brad for posting such beautiful posts.

Parenting is always a big job, specially to raise kids in today’s world, we must make sure to be with them amidst the busy schedules of life. As said learning always start from home, despite the fact that world has gotten a lot tricky around us, the role of parents to bring up the personality within their kids is huge. Parents should guide them throughout their growth and make them know about things which they ought to know in a friendly manner.

This blog will be a helping hand to all mama’s

“Positive Parenting  from Cradle to College” , the author of the blog and a mother of 3, pour in her experience with all the love and care…

Way to Go… Kindly accept our token of appreciation for such a beautiful thought…

Who doesn’t love photographs. Who doesn’t take photographs but I say those which you see in this blog is spectacular. Patrick calls himself “A programmer with a passion for all things photography and hiking.” And that love of his to photography can be clearly seen in those pictures. The angles in which he have taken the photos make them look like they are some graphics wallpapers. Well pictures can speak for themselves and they are worth themselves. Great work dude!

The  best thing to say about this one is as I saw this blog, I fell head over heels in love with it. Each post has a friendliness it, as if talking to your best pal. Yoona, has written each post from around her own life, written with lot of humor as well like

I have a huge crush on my husband. But I have a more complicated relationship with Tom’s desire to maintain himself.

lol, that was funny! As I said, once someone drops to this blog, you cant help turning out to be a follower… Congrats Yoona, and God bless you, Happy blogging, looking forward to more posts.

Yet another travel blog with all the colors of her journey. Ma. Rosario Cartujano is an architect by day and blogger at night as she says. Each post looks like a brochure of that place except that it is no advertisement but her passion. If you are a travel lover then you must surely check this site. She has given a travelogue just like the ones I have seen in TV with all the past as well as the present and some beautiful photographs.

Now, what you should do with this…

You can either read this, and say “Yesssssssss! I won it” and pick the badge from the sidebar or from here and put it in your blog and leave a link back or you can just read and leave away or you can totally ignore it. (freedom to chose :D)

Note: Those who love to put on he badge pls leave a link back to our blog…

So, that makes up the list of this month and Congrats…


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