Jelly Bean don’t know of December!

The latest version of Android Operating System by Google – Android 4.2 Jelly Bean don’t know about the 12th month of the year!

A flaw in the OS has caused the month December to disappear from an app storing information about contacts and hence January happens to be the one coming after November. The “People app“, which is the default app for keeping contact information in Android devices cannot store any information corresponding to dates falling in the month, December 2012.

The version 4.2 OS which was released on October 2012 is currently running on many devices such as Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and also is moving to the Galaxy Nexus.

As reported by the BBC, the flaw was reported by an Android news website called Android Police.

The post was titled :

Sorry, Santa – Google Cancels December In Android 4.2 [Updated]

As posted by  Artem Russakovski,

We couldn’t believe it either, but it’s true. Google forgot to include December. As in, there are 11 months in a year. January after November. Christmas is ruined. Santa is dead. At least we’ll save money on buying presents, right?

Google has been already acknowledged by the issue and is expected to be fixed at the earliest. It seems the Gmail and Calender apps are working perfect hence the problem is not too big. Yet, a flaw is a flaw.



5 responses to “Jelly Bean don’t know of December!

  1. lol, dats an unblvbl flaw, how cud dey 4gt such a smal tng, and dat 2 by d world famous giant who knws of evrythng

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