12/12/12 12:12:12 (IST) – Harisree Reloaded!


As we had posted earlier of our Android app Harisree, today we are relaunching it with more features.

SMS and emails would have started to fly around regarding today’s special date, the moment everything ticks to 12, and that’s when we are coming with the new version. So, be ready with your android devices, to experience it…

Harisree is an educative purpose application to help users learn to understand and write languages, currently available for English and Malayalam.  Let, your child study with some fun, because in-spite of being an educational resource, it teaches through games, and everyone likes to learn something interesting than hearing boring lectures isn’t it? 😀 No offence!

So, as is the way to present a new project, may I explain you the existing system and the problem solution(it is the way of calling the new project in the project presentation report),

Existing System

Released on : October 24, 2012



The app has 2 modes


In this mode the user can test their skill with the aid of a helper . The user can make use of the helper in which the app will show how to write the letter correctly . The user can skip over alphabets in this mode.


The users can challenge their skill in this mode. 60 seconds will be given to the user and alphabets will be shown at random. After the time expires they can submit the score online.

The leader-board shows the top ten scores.

Problem Solution

Well, there was not much of problems to solve there, so here we will be saying about what improvements we have come up with…

The relaunch will include all the features of the existing application as discussed above and in addition has some new features

  • The old app only supported Malayalam, the new version will be including English(lower case only) as well
  • Improved Graphical User Interface, more easy to use and visually appealing than the current one.
  • The new version will be available in the play store in addition to the old one, the name is changed to HariSree, while the old one was Hari Sree(notice the space in the name to distinguish them)

Difficulties in the products:

The android gesture tools available, shows difficulty with certain letters which requires more than one stroke to write, Eg. Multi-gesture letters in Malayalam we cannot omit them because they are important letters in Malayalam(some alphabets in Malayalam contain 2 separate parts which require more than one stroke to complete).Same problem restrict us to use only small letters(since to write A in caps we require 2-3 strokes: 2 lines and the dash crossing it).We cannot use English capital letters without bug..Keep it in your mind and cooperate.

The app is launched in collaboration with Vinvish Technologies, with whom we have formed a tie-up . Vinvish is a global company with branches in USA and India and focus on electronic device manufacturing while we form their IT wing.

So, grab your phone, go to Google Play, search for HariSree and click download(the new version is the one without space and named HariSree, single word).

Now available for download at Google Play. Wait,for the next big date in your Calender for more products from us while you enjoy our small Christmas present.





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