This was posted on 12th DECEMBER 2012 12:12:12, when we relaunched our Android app Harisree

Well, the clock just ticked, and here is our gift….

Pzycoderz relaunching a new version of their Android app : HariSree

Now available, free to download at the Google Play app store, grab your devices and just click download to enjoy the most interesting language learning app full of fun…

Play the game and learn a new language in just a few taps…

Click to download

Harisree is an app which will teach you to write Malayalam and English letters perfect.. through nice and cool interaction.This app help children to study Malayalam letters without any stress of learning. Learning is the biggest entertainment if the way is right.

We are coming back with Harisree with improved UI and addition English lower case letters. The main feature of Harisree is; it will not bore your child . Its like a game. Enjoy Harisree.

To know more about the app please read our earlier post here : 12/12/12 12:12:12 (IST) – HARISREE RELOADED!

Keep in your mind.
The android gesture tools shows difficulty with certain letters which requires more than one stroke to write eg. Multi-gesture letters in Malayalam we cannot omit them because they are important letters in Malayalam .Same problem restrict us to use only small letters.We cannot use english capital letters without bug free..Keep it in your mind and cooperate. Letters such as f and t which requires multi-gestures require special attention but the app will show you how to move your fingers for a perfect f and t…

The app is launched in collaboration with Vinvish Technologies, with whom we have formed a tie-up . Vinvish is a global company with branches in USA and India and focus on electronic device manufacturing while we form their IT wing.




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