Just pushed the Restart button and did a fresh boot up!

2013 new year sparkler

It was a long break, only it was not a break exactly, accidentally stumbled upon a work, and now I’m a .net developer, hurrah…

Ah, sorry be too direct, most of you might not get what that meant probably, So, let’s make that clear. After being more of an obsessive blogger, I just happen to have got a new domain to stand on with ASP.net, well my 1st .net application just was fruitful enough to get accepted, extremely happy about that

So, how is 2013, I can’t believe I’m getting a year older 😦 , “RESOLUTION’S”………… yeah, I’m gona  be goooooood, Am I gona keep it?? Nooooooooooooo!

Being too good is just too bad for the joys of life, so, I will be occasionally good, that just might do it!

Hmm, have you wondered what the title(Just pushed the Restart button and did a fresh boot up!) means, it’s just that it is 2013 so I’m restarting my blog with a fresh start(patting my back to come up with that line :D)

Isn’t this a lot to say for a come back?? Yeah, I know, it is,so, I’m winding up this one, and just going to open the tap for more tech posts, fasten your seat belts, to sit back and read…



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