Sony announced new “bath-friendly” Phone!


Now, you can get disturbed even during bath, OOOOPS!, I mean you can stay connected even during your bath 😉

Sony has announced about a new smart phone at the  Consumer Electronic Show(CES) in Las Vegas, that may be used even while in shower without getting damaged. The feature is not very common in most high-end smart phones but Xperia Z just has pinned the feature into it.

The handset is capable of submerging about 1m deep in water without damage for about 30 minutes with the special plastic protection in all its ports, but the problem is that in order to access them you must remove the covering which applies even for the headphone jack. It consist of a 5 inch screen and 7.9mm-thick. It is the biggest-screen phone yet apart from the Galaxy Note devices which are a combination of phone and tablet. Despite the screen size it seems more comfortable to hold than the others as well.

Other features include 4G LTE connectivity, a Micro SD slot, a 13 megapixel camera and a 1080p x 1920p HD screen. Its resolution is the highest till yet, thus, beating the iPhones retina display. It also uses quad-core processor, thus also a best in terms of speed. The phone also uses an NFC chip with which it can stream contents to Sony’s latest televisions by tapping it against the remote controls.

It also uses Exmor RS image sensor technology, allowing it to record HDR video, thus provides accurate conditions for a better image even if the person stands in a shade or under the sun. Sony, which was earlier tied-up with Ericsson, seems to create a new beginning in the phone market. The phone will be available to users in a few weeks.

The device is a tough challenge for Samsung Galaxy and Apple’s iPhone.

Sony says that about one in 10 people had dropped their phone down a toilet at some point, something this would protect against.

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