New application in play store “Silent Location”

Have you ever thought it would be cool if the phone became silent automatically when you reach your office or college? Wouldn’t it be awesome if it turns back to normal mode when you leave from there? Well, Silent Location does just that and without battery hungry GPS and a data connection!

You can create rules specific to location and time. It will automatically change the phone mode to normal/silent/vibrate mode when you reach or leave that location. Simple user interface lets you create your rules without any help.

1. You can make rules to make the phone silent as soon as you leave home.
2. Make your phone to silent+vibrate mode when you reach work location.
3. Make your phone normal when reached home

The best advantage of the app is that it DOESN’T require GPS or internet. It works using your cell tower signal!! That is, the app finds the location using the cell towers in your area, so no extra battery/power is required for GPS or internet. In addition to location, you can also specify time and days. Check out the screenshots to get a clear idea.

The disadvantages are the area covered by cell towers. If your home and work is in the same place or under same tower, this might not work for you as the app treats them as same place but you can use time and days feature to reduce the discomfort. Also, to record a new location, your device needs to be there physically, That is you could specify rules for “home” only if you are at “home”.

NOTE: If you have frequent notifications about mode change, then your location has frequent signal changes, please scan the same location again from locations screen for a couple of minutes to grab all the nearby tower signals.



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